Food lovers enjoy exploring the cuisine of outstanding restaurants. And almost half of Europe’s Michelin-starred restaurants depend on Electrolux professional technology. Now Electrolux has developed Gourmet, a new range of kitchen equipment that gives home cooks the power to enhance their skills and express their creativity. It’s the perfect complement to a Goldreif kitchen.

Electrolux gourmet range

The Gourmet range is for people who are passionate about food with its multitude of tastes and textures. It is for everyone who wants to experience and achieve more in their cooking.

Designed and tested by professionals, the Gourmet range opens up a new world of capabilities for creative cooking enthusiasts.

Stand-out features

Highlights of the Gourmet range include:

  • Ovens with precision temperature settings to 1°C.
  • Full-size cavities with steam.
  • Multiple steam levels for outstanding results for every type of cooking, from steaming and baking to grilling and boiling.
  • Sous-Vide cooking directly in the oven.
  • Direct gas flame for increased power.
  • Premium design styling.
  • Steel and glass materials for a robust and premium appearance.

The sleek steel-and-glass design of the Gourmet range perfectly complements any Goldreif kitchen, whether Pure, Profile or Classic. It includes the Combi Oven, Hob, Refrigeration and Ventilation units. Each piece is finished to the same exacting standard but what really sets them apart is the power they bring. Home cooks now have access to techniques that were once the secrets of professionals - such as combined convection heat with steam and sous-vide cooking. The Gourmet range gives cooks the power to take the taste, texture and presentation of their food to new heights.

Electrolux Gourmet range

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Electrolux Gourmet range


Electrolux Gourmet range


Electrolux Gourmet range

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